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Get Maxx Savings With Our Expert Solar Installations. Receive Tax Credits, Lower Your Electric Bill And Add Value To Your Home All While Paying Less For Utilities Every Month!


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The Perfect Time For Solar Panels In Denver

Although the beautiful weather here in Denver, CO is a perk of it’s own, it also provides excellent opportunities for solar panel owners. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, we have some of the best conditions for solar energy generation in the country.

No Money Out Of Pocket With Low Rate Financing

Does your roof need replaced, but you don’t have the money to pay for it? If you decide to go solar, we can finance your roof replacement into your solar loan so you pay nothing out of pocket and get to upgrade your home. Worried about your credit? Don’t! If you have a 600 credit score or above, you are approved! 

Ask Us How To Get Cash Back On Your Insurance Claim With Solar

Solar Saves You Money On Your Electric Bill

Due to the fact that your roof can produce solar power almost the entire year, you’ll be able to reap the benefits by lowering your electric bill every month to almost nothing. If your solar panels produce enough energy, you may even be able to sell your excess wattage back to the electric company. Typically our client’s solar loan payments are 50% of what they are currently spending on their electric bill every month, meaning you’ll be saving money for decades to come.

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an array of solar panels on a residential property in denver co


Tax Credits For Going Green

Going green is also a very favorable action in the eyes of the government and allows you to get money back for updating to solar. These come in the form of tax credits up to 26% if you act now before their solar perks expire. Who knew there were so many benefits to going solar? Financing your roof with your solar install can get you an even larger tax credit.

Increased Property Value

Interested in increasing the value of your home while saving money? Solar panels that produce enough energy to power the entire home can greatly improve the value of the property increasing your bottom line when you decide to sell the property. Now you’ll get a higher evaluation even though you’ve been saving money all along!

Get A Free Solar Evaluation & Estimate

The first step in going solar is inspecting the property to see how much room there is for solar panels on the roof, sun exposure and obstructions that could cause blockage of sunlight. Our certified inspectors will come out and give you a no cost solar evaluation on your home with an estimate. We’ll even inspect your roof to make sure everything is in working order for solar panels to be installed! When you need the best solar installation company in town, give us a call!