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Let's Talk About Modified Bitumen Roofing

Flat roofs, a traditional go-to choice for commercial buildings, are gaining popularity in the residential sector as well. Flat roofs offer easier maintenance, greater versatility, and higher energy efficiency than sloped roofs. Often, contractors recommend modified bitumen (mod bit) as an optimal flat roofing choice. What exactly is modified bitumen, what are its pros and cons, and how long does it last? Our experts at Maxx Roof LLC have the answers.

Flat Roof Materials

What Is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Modified bitumen roofing has evolved from the traditional BUR (built-up roofing) systems. The modern sheet roll packaging of modified bitumen makes it easy to transport and install. Thanks to the layered structure of this asphalt-based roofing material, roofs made from modified bitumen are highly durable, insulating, and water-resistant.

A mod bit roof is a five-layer system that consists of the following:

  • Structural deck
  • Asphalt emulsion base sheet
  • Polyester/fiberglass reinforcing fabric
  • Base coat
  • Top coat

The two common mod bit roofing materials are SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and APP (atactic polypropylene). The two options involve different installation techniques but yield largely the same results.

Modified Bitumen vs. Other Flat Roof Types

Apart from modified bitumen, two common types of flat roofing are the old-school BUR (built-up roof) and EPDM (rubber membrane roof). BUR roofs use alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabric, topped with a stone or gravel layer. They are affordable but very heavy and difficult to install. EPDM roofing is a sturdy single-ply roofing material, light and easy to install and repair. However, EPDM is highly puncture-prone, tends to absorb heat, and costs more than mod bit. PVC roofing is another popular option if you are looking for a light colored roofing material that can reflect sunlight. TPO roofing is another option to choose from that is notoriously bright white in color and quite durable as well.

Denver Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation

Modified bitumen roofers use two main installation methods: torch-down (hot) or adhesive backing (cold), depending on the type of bitumen: SBS or APP.

  • APP: APP installation uses the high-heat torch-down method. APP melts easily and cools directly on the base roof layer. The result is a hard plastic-like membrane with high resilience and superior waterproofing qualities.
  • SBS: The rubbery nature of SBS allows for cold adhesive back sheet installation. The finished product is flexible and puncture-resistant.
Torch-down Installation

In a hot mod bit installation, the Denver commercial roofing company will roll out the bitumen sheets, making sure they overlap and cover the entire roof surface. As the contractor rolls out the sheet, he will apply high heat with a torch, making the bitumen melt and stick. This high-heat method of bitumen installation is hazardous and requires expert work with careful precautions.

Adhesive Back Sheet Installation

During cold installation, the contractor will carefully peel the adhesive film and roll out the bitumen sheet. The next step is smoothing out the sheets with a weighted roller, especially in overlap areas. The contractor will seal the edges with roofing cement as necessary.

The weather is a crucial element in cold mod bit installations. The optimal temperature range is 50-100F, which can be a problem during the winter months. Additionally, it is important to store the bitumen sheets in a warm place before installation to preserve their flexible, pliable nature.

APP vs. SBS: Which Is Better?

Both APP and SBS Modified Bitumen roofing systems have their pros and cons. APP is more resistant to UV radiation, while SBS is more flexible. SBS is easier, quicker, and safer to install. APP sheets may shrink over time, causing leaks, while SBS typically endures longer. After inspecting your roof, our expert roofers will recommend a commercial roofing material based on your roof size, budget, and other factors.

Lifespan Of Modified Bitumen Roofing

When choosing a roofing system, one of the first questions customers ask is usually “How long will my new roof last?” With proper upkeep, polymer modified bitumen systems can endure 20+ years, depending on factors such as:

  • The building’s location(ie: weather)
  • Architectural design
  • Installation quality
  • Whether or not you followed our roof maintenance tips

Installation quality is a key factor for a long-lasting roof. An unprofessionally installed roof can lead to water pooling, which may cause weight imbalance, leaks, and structural damage to the building. To avoid such aggravations down the road, choose a reputable local Denver contractor like Maxx Roof LLC. We stand behind our work on all projects, big or small.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Costs

Modified bitumen roofing system costs vary depending on several elements, including:

  • The quality of installation materials
  • The size of the roof
  • Roof accessibility
  • Installation complexity
  • Location
  • Seasonal pricing discounts

We can’t put an exact number on what your roof will cost to replace as there are too many variables at hand, however we would be happy to come out to your property and give you a complimentary estimate after we have inspected your roof. Once a full inspection has been done, then we can gather all the information needed to perform an accurate estimate for your modified bitumen roof.

Advantages Of Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing has several important advantages for the Denver homeowner, such as durability and low maintenance. Below are the main reasons why many people choose mod bit for their roof systems.

  • Leak Resistance: Both hot and cold modified bitumen installation methods create a seamless, tight connection between the bitumen sheets. The multi-level structure enables the roof to endure all weather elements.
  • Heat and UV Resistance: Modified bitumen has excellent heat-reflective properties. This quality makes bitumen UV-resistant and energy-efficient, especially if the installation uses a light-colored sheet or includes a reflective top coating.
  • Cold Weather Performance: Modified bitumen can remain flexible even in freezing temperatures, so it is less prone to cracking and leaks. Cold resistance is vital for buildings that must withstand long winters.
  • Tear Resistance: The reinforcing layers of the bitumen sheets make for a tear-resistant roof. Tear resistance is a must for roofs exposed to heavy foot traffic. If you have a lot of traffic on your roof, you could risk voiding your roof warranty.
  • Color Variety: Many people think of a drab gray surface when they hear “bitumen.” However, nowadays mod bit sheets are available in a variety of attractive colors, including white, black, and tan.
  • Ease of Installation and Repair: Modified bitumen comes in ready-to-roll, three-foot-wide sheets that are very quick and easy to install. If the roof surface becomes damaged at any point, a roofing contractor can easily patch it.
  • Recyclability: It is possible to recycle bitumen, which makes it an environmentally friendly roofing choice.

Disadvantages Of Modified Bitumen Roofing

With all the advantages of modified bitumen, it does have some drawbacks.

  • Lifespan: Although a modified bitumen roof can last over 20 years under favorable conditions, some roofing options offer a longer lifespan.
  • Risky Installation: Many mod bit projects involve the torch-down hot application method, which can create a fire hazard and danger to the contractors unless they adhere to a strict safety protocol.
  • Tendency to Pond: Like every low-slope roofing system, a mod bit roof may retain water from rains or melting snow. Standing water can lead to serious damage and shorten the roof’s lifespan.

How Is A Modified Bitumen Roof Repaired?

Inevitably, a mod bit roofing system will suffer wear and tear with long-term exposure to the elements. Over time, the roof may show leaks, structural damage, and poor insulation properties.

Often, roof issues will start slowly and worsen over time. To prevent such problems, we recommend an annual roof inspection and flat roofing maintenance schedule. Regular upkeep will extend your roof’s lifespan and save you money down the road.

During a check-up, sometimes you’ll discover any of the following issues:

  • Surface erosion: spots or areas of worn asphalt and possible exposure of underlying layers.
  • Delamination: separation or slipping of individual roof layers.
  • Tears, punctures, or cracks.
  • Water pooling that warps the roof structure.
  • Collection of dirt and debris.

In many cases, it is possible to restore a mod bit roof. Repair often involves the following steps:

  • Thorough cleaning, pressure-washing, and using a biodegradable degreaser if necessary.
  • Carefully sealing all seams and flashings to reduce leaks.
  • Treating cracks with roof cement, sealant, or patches.
  • Covering the roof with a top coating to create a seamless membrane.

At some point, however, roof repairs are no longer cost-effective. An honest contractor will tell you openly if they believe your roof has reached the end of its lifespan.

Popular Modified Bitumen Roofing Manufacturers

Some leading polymer modified bitumen roofing manufacturers include:

  • GAF: a tried-and-true roofing and waterproofing company operating since 1886.
  • Mule Hide Products: a manufacturer of high-quality modified bitumen products.
  • Johns Manville: a manufacturer specializing in premium roofing systems, membranes, and insulation materials.
  • Polyglass: a market leader producing patented modified bitumen roofing systems.

At Maxx Roof LLC, we work with leading suppliers and are committed to giving our clients high-quality, durable materials for long-lasting roofs.

Work With An Experienced Denver Modified Bitumen Roofing Contractor

After reading all that are you thinking about installing a modified bitumen roof? Need to repair or replace your current roof? Look no further than Maxx Roof LLC, your top-tier Denver residential and commercial roofing experts. We offer top of the line flat roof repair, install & replacement services with industry leading labor and material warranties to back it. Check out our reviews, they speak for themselves.

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If your home or commercial property is located anywhere throughout the greater Denver metro area or nearby, give us a call for a free inspection & estimate. When you choose to work with Maxx Roof LLC, your are choosing to work with a roofing contractor you can count on, every step of the way.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Louis Cantu
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Ok so let me start by saying that I hired multiple other roofers to fix my leaking roof before Maxx Roof came out to help us. They had it fixed the first time and I haven't had any leaks since! They were thorough with their inspection and seemed to know much more about the roof issues than anyone else I had look at it. Super happy with Al and his team, thanks again!
Jim McFadzean
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Al and his crew are a breath of fresh air in the construction industry. As a real estate investor I need to get roofs replaced on occassion. Al and his crew have done four roofs for me and I am very happy from all aspects. I also like that Al holds himself accountable and his words have integrity. Cannot recommend Maxx Roof enough!!!!!
Celine Davis
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Maxx Roof replaced my roof in 2018 due to hail damage. The work was done in a timely manner, the cleanup was thourgh. I was completely happy with the work and have had no issues with my roof. As an elderly widower I was very thankful for the professional information I was given by Al Lamp and his extensive knowledge in dealing with insurance companies. He helped me navigate thru the insurance issues I was dealing with. I give Maxx Roof a thumbs up..
Joseph Dugger
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This company is quick! They inspected my roof the same day I called and got the roof replaced within the week.

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