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PVC Roofing Guide

PVC is among the most common commercial roofing types in the United States—and for good reason. This unique roofing system offers impressive durability, is low maintenance, and affordable to install. It’s a perfect option for flat and low-slope roofs of all sizes. If you are curious about PVC roofing and whether or not it is a good option for your roof, keep reading to find out.

pvc roofing being hot air welded together at the seams

At Maxx Roof LLC, we believe all roofing systems should offer maximum protection and reliability. That’s why PVC roofing installation is one of our specialties. We offer top-tier commercial roofing installation, repair, and maintenance throughout Denver. Get in touch with our friendly team today for an estimate.

What Is PVC Roofing?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is an incredibly strong type of plastic. It was first used as a roofing material back in 1966 with the intent of solving one of the biggest problems that industrial roofs face—leaks—and that’s a goal it achieved.

The layered, low-seam installation technique greatly reduces the chance of leaks and is highly resistant to all manner of weather, including hail, snow, rain, high winds, and even sunshine. These roofing systems won’t crack or peel even with years of sun exposure, making them a low-maintenance option.

PVC roofs consist of two layers of PVC with polyester in the middle for its insulative properties. Additives are also commonly added to the vinyl roof membrane during manufacturing to add color and offer improved UV protection, durability, and flexibility.

Denver PVC Roofing Installation

We start all our roofing installation projects the same way—with an in-depth consultation. Our Denver roofing experts will have a look at your existing roof or construction plans if you’re building from scratch and help you choose to perfect solution for your needs and budget. We also offer Modified Bitumen roofing, TPO roofing, EPDM roofing and Built Up roofing and will let you know if we feel another roofing type may be a superior choice for your building.

If you do settle on a PVC roof, there are three ways we can install it depending on your preferences and existing roof structure:

Adhered PVC Systems

With an adhered PVC roofing system, we attach the membrane itself directly to your roof substrate with an adhesive. While this option is lightweight and well-suited for roofs with a bit more of an incline, it can be susceptible to condensation damage if your roof deck is poorly ventilated—but don’t worry. Our expert roofers will complete a full inspection of your roofing structure before recommending a roofing material and installation technique.

Mechanically Attached PVC Systems

Mechanically attached systems are famous for surviving high winds, a major advantage in the Mile High City! Rather than being glued to your substrate, we use barbed plates and heavy-duty screws to secure the PVC membrane tightly. This option does cost a bit more to install but is stronger and less prone to moisture issues.

Ballasted PVC Systems

Ballasted systems were once the most popular PVC roof type but are slightly less common these days. As the name suggests, ballasted systems rely on ballasts to secure the PVC to your roof. Heavy stone or pavers are commonly used on commercial roofs.

The biggest advantage of ballasted PVC is its affordability. The installation process is easier, and there’s no need for fasteners or adhesive—the weight of the ballasts do all the work. However, that same weight does mean that ballasted systems require strong support structures. Make sure you are working with an experienced Denver flat roofing company when going with a ballasted system as it is very easy to screw up during the installation process.

The Lifespan Of PVC Roofing

No matter what roofing material type or installation technique you choose, a roof is a major investment. That makes longevity a major concern for most business owners. How long will PVC roofing last on a commercial building?

The lifespan of PVC roofing is around 30 to 50 years. This lifespan is relatively comparable to other commercial roofing materials like TPO and EPDM roofing in comparison. However, it is essential to note that the lifespan of any roofing material is dependent on proper installation and maintenance.

Our professional and experienced roofers here at Maxx Roof LLC can help on both counts. We rely on time-tested installation techniques and offer the highest-quality roofing repair and flat roofing maintenance services. We can ensure your roof stays in top condition for decades to come.

PVC Roofing Costs

The cost of PVC roofing will be dependent on your unique commercial building’s needs. For example, some buildings may need structural repairs before roof replacement. Older roofs that have been neglected or have multiple layers of old roofing are also more labor-intensive to replace. PVC roofing systems require a smooth, clean surface for proper application.

The size of your building will have a significant impact on price, as well, as will the installation technique you choose. Given these variables and more, it’s not possible to give a general price range for PVC roof installation. It varies from roof to roof.

The best way to get an idea of how much your Denver roof will cost is to give us a call. Our team would be happy to come out and assess your roof or building plans and provide a no-obligation estimate. We take the time to provide accurate price quotes. Plus, a consultation also gives us a chance to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why PVC? The Advantages Of PVC Roofing

In addition to being flexible, weather- and fire-resistant, PVC roof materials are low maintenance and easy to repair. PVC is also among the strongest roofing materials on the market with a breaking strength upwards of 350 pounds per square inch—close to double the 200 pounds per square inch minimum set by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for roofing.

Even better, it’s environmentally friendly, long-lasting, can be recycled at the end of its service life, and won’t contaminate rain runoff. PVC roofing is also less reliant on oils and petroleum than some other commercial roofing options and can help reduce your carbon footprint by keeping your heating and cooling costs low.

Its light-reflective surface reduces heat absorption in the summer, while its excellent insulative properties reduce heat loss in the winter.

Disadvantages Of PVC Roofing

No roofing material is perfect, and PVC is no exception. It does have a few small disadvantages. For instance, PVC is weak to extremely low temperatures. The lowest recommended temperature for safe foot traffic on PVC roofs is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is less of a concern if you don’t intend to go walking around on your roof much—we find most of our customers don’t—it is worth noting. Traffic on the roof is something to watch out for if you are trying not to void your roof warranty.

Some PVC roofing installation techniques, notably mechanically attached systems, also come with higher installation costs than some commercial roofing options. However, this initial cost usually balances out thanks to low maintenance costs over this roofing material’s lengthy lifespan.

We’ll always be honest with you about the best options for your roof. If we don’t think PVC will provide you with the best return on your investment, we’ll tell you and suggest a better alternative, complete with price comparisons and a thorough overview of the pros and cons. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

How Is PVC Roofing Repaired?

While PVC roofing is resistant to most common types of roofing damage, your roof will need repairs from time to time. Seam shrinkage is the most common issue with PVC roofs, but even this issue is easily resolved with reattachment, patches, and resealing. If you end up getting extensive hail and storm damage, roof insurance claims are our specialty, so feel free to reach out if you were affected by recent storms.

Patches are the go-to fix for PVC roofing problems, but we may also replace fasteners, vents, flashing, or other roof components as necessary. There’s no roofing repair our experienced crew can’t handle. We approach all damage with a unique approach and avoid cookie-cutter repairs that may just temporarily mask the problem. You can count on us for lasting solutions. Our team will arrive fast and resolve any issues just as quickly.

Popular PVC Roofing Manufacturers

At Maxx Roof LLC, we understand that the quality of a roof depends on more than just proper installation. Materials matter. That’s why we work with the best brands on the market to ensure that every roof we install is of the highest quality possible. We partner with, among other top vinyl roof membrane manufacturers:

In addition to sourcing roofing materials from leading brands, we use top-of-the-line tools and technology during the installation process. Our roofers stay up to date on the latest codes and regulations. That way, when you choose Maxx Roof, you can always trust you’re getting the best roof possible for your commercial or industrial building.

Learn More About PVC Roofing Today

We’re proud to be a part of the roofing community and help business owners like you succeed and support our local economy. Whether you need Denver PVC roof installation, repair, or maintenance, we’re here for you with quality solutions. If you’re ready to get started with a no-obligation consultation, reach out to our team at Maxx Roof LLC by dialing (720) 743-4492 today!

We Service The Entire Denver Metro Area And Beyond

Maxx Roof LLC serves the Denver metro area and the nearby areas. Some of the cities we serve are Denver, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Littleton, Englewood, Centennial, Parker, Thornton, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Morrison, Brighton, Commerce City, Watkins, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Edgewater & beyond.

If your home or commercial property is located anywhere throughout the greater Denver metro area or nearby, give us a call for a free inspection & estimate. When you choose to work with Maxx Roof LLC, your are choosing to work with a roofing contractor you can count on, every step of the way.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Louis Cantu
Read More
Ok so let me start by saying that I hired multiple other roofers to fix my leaking roof before Maxx Roof came out to help us. They had it fixed the first time and I haven't had any leaks since! They were thorough with their inspection and seemed to know much more about the roof issues than anyone else I had look at it. Super happy with Al and his team, thanks again!
Jim McFadzean
Read More
Al and his crew are a breath of fresh air in the construction industry. As a real estate investor I need to get roofs replaced on occassion. Al and his crew have done four roofs for me and I am very happy from all aspects. I also like that Al holds himself accountable and his words have integrity. Cannot recommend Maxx Roof enough!!!!!
Celine Davis
Read More
Maxx Roof replaced my roof in 2018 due to hail damage. The work was done in a timely manner, the cleanup was thourgh. I was completely happy with the work and have had no issues with my roof. As an elderly widower I was very thankful for the professional information I was given by Al Lamp and his extensive knowledge in dealing with insurance companies. He helped me navigate thru the insurance issues I was dealing with. I give Maxx Roof a thumbs up..
Joseph Dugger
Read More
This company is quick! They inspected my roof the same day I called and got the roof replaced within the week.

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