Common Residential Roofing Problems and How to Fix Them

Let’s Take A Look At The Most Common Problems Homeowners Face With Their Roofs And How To Fix Them.


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While residential roofs are built to last, they do and often will encounter issues because, like all things, they are vulnerable to the elements. Also, as the roof becomes older, its vulnerability increases. However, a surprising number of people neglect their roofs and only find out when there is a problem after it is too late.

Since your roof protects one of your significant investments and keeps your family safe, it requires your attention. Even a well-built roof can withstand years of the scorching sun and raging storms without maintenance. Wear and tear are real, and thus it is advisable that you get the roof inspected at least annually by a certified roofing contractor. That way, any issues can be identified before they become a source of frustration and take a toll on your finances.

The best way to avoid issues is to know how to identify them. This article will highlight some of the most common residential roofing problems and how they can be fixed.

A Leaking Roof

Leaks are one of the most common residential roofing problems, and they plague all homeowners. The leaks can be caused by various issues ranging from broken shingles to cracked tiles, missing flashing points, and others.

Usually, the leak is several feet away from the penetration, but the best way to find one is to climb into the attic. Use a flashlight to check for signs of water, black marks and mold.

However, if your home has a vaulted ceiling, then the only way to find the leak would be to get onto the roof. That said, it is best to have a professional roofing company take a look.

If the problem isn’t too serious, the fix can be relatively low cost and take under an hour. However, if the leak has been neglected for a while, it could lead to a costlier issue.

Damaged Flashing

Generally, flashing is made from sheet metal or plastic. The purpose is to protect creases on the fixture, like chimneys and skylights. Flashing will also be used to protect the venting pipes running under the roofing material. If the flashing is damaged or has become loose for some reason, the fixture will start to take in water and moisture.

It is essential to inspect all the areas with flashing. If you see cracked or damaged flashing, you should replace it right away. However, in some cases, nearby shingles and other roofing materials will need to be removed to replace the flashing.

Missing Shingles or Broken Shingles

Usually, shingles will go missing if the sealant wears off. However, the sealant may also be damaged by rodents or forces of nature. Depending on how old your roof is, the shingles may also be damaged by wear and tear. This will mean that the shingles will start tearing off.

Fortunately, fixing this problem only requires replacing the missing shingles. Ideally, you will also want to replace all other shingles that appear loose too. It is possible to buy a single shingle in some stores, or you need to buy a box.

Blocked Downspouts

If your roof is relatively new, you may notice that your downspout has a few granules in it. However, if it is an old roof, seeing granules in the downspout is a sign that the singles are weak and, thus, should be replaced.

Granules are essential to any roof because they protect it from UV rays. But once they fall off, the singles will start to crack. Poor installation can also lead to a similar issue. The first sign of falling granules is clogged gutters. However, the gutters can also get clogged by debris from nearby trees. Regardless, it is worth checking out.

Water Pooling On The Roof

This will usually happen when there are piles of debris on the roof that catches water. The moisture will, over time, take the form of pooling water, leading to extensive roof damage if not addressed before it is too late.

This is usually a problem with flat roofs which if not fixed will spring a roof leak. The solution is to create slopes or tapered areas on the surface, which allows water to run off easily. Also, an annual inspection will help you dodge the bullet on what can turn out to be an expensive roofing repair bill.

Snow And Ice Damage

If you happen to live in a part of the US where the roof is exposed to ice and snow for a good part of the year, then be warned that this can take its toll on the roof. Many roof problems like damaged shingles and tiles surface when it freezes.

The problem with snow on the roof is that once it starts melting, it does not start to run off immediately. The slow melting rate means you have stagnant moisture on the roof, which penetrates underneath, leading to numerous problems.

Things can get worse if the water gets underneath and freezes. When it freezes, the water expands and pushes against the shingles, which allows even more water in. So, by the time winter is over, you have an expensive roofing problem to address.

There is no one best way to prevent this from happening except for getting your roof inspected and repaired before winter sets in.

Final Word

There you have it, folks, some of the most common roofing problems and possible solutions.

We advise getting your roof repaired before it becomes a significant problem. Usually, if you notice a leak, it’s already too late. Routine maintenance is the key to keeping sudden, unexpected, and costly repairs at bay.

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