How To Get Your Insurance To Pay For A Roof Replacement

Proper Documentation Of Damages Is The Key To Getting Your Insurance Company To Pay For Your Roof Replacement.


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Document Every Bit Of Roof & Exterior Damage

Obviously we would all like to have our insurance pay for an entire roof replacement, but there are many factors that go into getting the full amount paid for. Working with a professional contractor that knows how insurance companies work is crucial when assessing the damage to file your insurance claim. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to get your roof covered.

1. Read & Understand Your Insurance Policy –  Everyone sets up their insurance policy slightly different, so you’ll need to really look into the fine print of your homeowners insurance policy and find out what type of roof insurance you have. If you don’t have your policy handy, you can just ask your carrier for a copy of it and read it over. Most policies focus on roof repair or roof replacement coverage, so check into this part especially.

Repair coverage usually means that your insurance will cover a certain amount of repair costs however replacement coverage will pay for replacing a roof that beyond repair. 

roofer documenting hail damage for an insurance claim
tile roof damaged from large hail stones

Obviously the repair policy is going to be less expensive, so it’s very possible your policy doesn’t have replacement coverage. There should also be language in your policy regarding weather events like hail and storm damage. Hail is typically covered since it is considered a rare event, but areas with regular damaging storms probably won’t be covered unless you have specific coverage for those events.

2. Record All Of The Roof Damage – This is a key part to getting your roof covered if you have roof replacement coverage. Document every bit of damage across the entire roof. Hail damage, cracked shingles, ripped shingles, branches on the roof, it all needs to be documented with pictures and even video can be helpful as well. If there was damage to your siding, gutters, windows or the interior of your home as well, then make sure to take pictures of all of that too.

The insurance company will want to verify that the damage was actually caused by the weather event you said, so it is important to know the date the damage was done on and even have links to articles about that storm form local news websites ready to back up your claim. Make sure you don’t wait too long to file your claim though, as some policies will have specific timelines for filing claims.

This can all be a confusing part of the process and we understand that not everyone will want to get on their roof, so feel free to contact us at any time for help with your Denver hail, wind or storm damage roof insurance claim. You will also need to get an estimate on repairs or replacement from a reputable roofer to send to your insurance company, so after we help you with documenting the claim we will provide an estimate at the same time.

3. File Your Claim – Once you have all of the damage documented and are sure of what your policy covers, it’s time to go ahead and file the claim with your insurance company. Make sure to file it according to their procedures to make sure it all goes smoothly and quickly. Don’t leave out any information they need or it could cause delays in the process. It usually takes a few days to a couple weeks to get a decision from your insurance carrier after filing the claim so be patient.

4. Choose Your Roofer – Once your claim is approved, you’ll need to choose which roofing contractor you want to work with. It is extremely important that you hire a reputable roofer with tons of experience if you want quality work. Check their license, insurance, reviews and ask for references because hiring the wrong contractor is not a mistake you want to make.

Keep in mind, hiring an unlicensed contractor to do the work won’t be covered by your insurance policy either! We have been dealing with insurance companies day in and day out for many years and we know exactly what needs to be done to make the claims process smooth. If you are in need of a roofer to help you with your claim, feel free to reach out to us at anytime, we would be happy to help you through everything from documenting the claim to getting the final roof replaced. It’s what we specialize in!

Why You Need An Expert At Roof Insurance Claims

There is a reason why you need to have a good roofing contractor that understands everything about how to deal with insurance claims when your home has been hit with hail or storm damage because it can mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket if done wrong.

Proper documentation of damage is key to getting an insurance company to approve the claim, so having pictures and evidence of damage can make a world of difference and a competent contractor knows exactly how to point out damage so that the pictures accurately portray the damage and insurance companies can’t refute it.

When they can’t see how much damage there is, they won’t pay reasonable prices for the repairs which means you’ll be stuck using the cheap guy or getting less repairs than needed. Don’t let this happen to you, get in touch with our roof insurance claims specialists and make sure you are getting what the insurance company owes you. With years of experience dealing with roof insurance claims(and getting them approved), you can count on us to get it done right the first time. Call today for a free inspection, estimate and help documenting your claim.