What Is Commercial Metal Roofing?

Curious About Commercial Metal Roofing? Learn All About It In This Metal Roofing Guide


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Metal Roofs For Commercial Buildings

Metal roofing, also commonly referred to as commercial metal roofing, is made up using metal pieces, panels, and tiles, depending on its style. It is part of the roofing structure, mainly the separator between the outside and inside of commercial buildings. It is meant to provide resistance to sound, water, air, and heat. In addition, it performs the function of adding structural support and is a significant contributor to the aesthetic appearance of a building.

Metal Roofing has been used for centuries, but copper has been the metal of choice for the most part. In the 3rd Century BC, copper roofing was installed on the Lovamahapaya temple located in Sri Lanka. Later the Romans used copper to cover the Pantheon in 27 BC, but many centuries later, the Europeans used copper atop their structures; an instance of this is the St. Mary’s Cathedral, built in 1280 AD, which survived its destruction during the bombing raids of the second world war. This is perhaps proof that metal roofing has what it takes to potentially last centuries if built correctly.

Why Choose Commercial Metal Roofing Over Others?

One of the most common reasons for choosing metal roofing is that it is an excellent alternative to other materials. It is arguably one of the most durable roofing materials out there that will not break the bank. While other options may have a lower upfront cost compared to a standing seam metal roof but a shorter life span, requiring more maintenance.

Metal roofing can last up to sixty or more years, and it does this without requiring much maintenance. Plus, commercial metal roofing can withstand winds up to 140 miles an hour and will not erode or crack because of severe weather. In addition, metal roofing is both energy-efficient and fire-resistant.

Curved Metal Roofing

Metal also makes for excellent curved roofing design systems. It is an excellent choice for various commercial roofing projects; they are fabricated onsite via a standing seam for curved roofs and similarly designed canopies.

Curved metal roof installation costs less than other roofing systems, mainly because they can be created on-site.

Recover And Retrofit Systems

If you are faced with a deteriorating roof or one that is older than it should be to be structurally stable, a replacement may probably not be the best long-term solution. This may be the case and arguably more of an issue if you have a ¼:12 sloped roof with conventional membranes, which need to be maintained to reduce moisture damage or aging caused by UV rays.

That said, if the commercial roof is more than forty years old, and mounted on a pre-engineered building, then a new roof placed over it using metal panels would be worth considering. Recovery and retrofit metal roofs provide the same benefits as a seam metal roof, but you will not have to replace the roof entirely here.

Again, the beauty of commercial metal roofs is that this type of replacement is easier, cheaper, and lasts longer.

Exposed Fastener Panel Metal Roofing 

These are the most economical types of commercial metal roof options. The system involves using overlapping panels secured to the roof deck through the metal. The roofing term ‘exposed’ alludes to the fasters heads being visible after the roof is installed. The panels are wider, and therefore, they need only a few panels for installation.

Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles are another common type of commercial metal roof installation because they offer an aesthetic look and are more durable than traditional shingles like slate, cedar, and ceramic. While some people may not be convinced of its aesthetic appeal, there is no doubting the fact that they work out to be a cheaper and far more durable option compared to all but the most expensive ceramic tiles. Furthermore, ones made from galvanized steel have an extremely long service life with the ability to endure harsh weather conditions.

Metal shingles today are available in various styles and colors and are highly energy efficient. However, for commercial metal shingles to last as long as they should, it is essential that they be installed correctly by seasoned experts. That way, they aren’t easily blown away by moderate weather events.

Insulated Metal Roof Panels

These are the latest cutting-edge metal roofing products, also called IMPs. These are mainly composite panels consisting of a metal skin exterior combined with a polyisocyanurate insulation foam at its core.

One of the reasons these commercial metal roofing systems are now the system of choice for many business owners despite the higher cost is its superior weather protection. It also has a three-hour fire rating, far superior to other metal roofs, and, thus, the ideal solution for buildings with climate control needs.

Insulated metal panels are created using a poured-in-place process. Plus, these can be used both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, the latest designs ensure that you’ll not be compromising on aesthetics by choosing IMPs.

Standing Seam And Concealed Faster Walls

Now, this is another very common commercial metal roofing system consisting of a series of panels supported and raised at the seams far above the flat surface. This means these don’t sit flush with the roof deck. Instead, the seam allows the panels to click together using an interlocking mechanism that isn’t visible once fixed. This is the preferred commercial roofing system for buildings with flat roofs but also for ones with pitched roofs.

In addition to guaranteeing a sleek, modern look, these panels expand and contract as the temperature alters, which means they last for quite a while longer than other metal roofing systems. However, commercial property owners can expect to pay more for these roof types.

Final Word

Choosing a metal roofing system for your commercial building is a tricky decision. However, an experienced roofing contractor should help you make the right decision. A professional can also help you decide which steep slope metal roofing is the right choice for your building all things considered.

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