Hail on Shingles

hail damaged shingles denver

Depending on the size that hit your home and age /type of shingles you have, generally anything over quarter size can damage your shingles. "Bruises" are areas of impact and granular loss which create a pothole affect.  Have your roof inspected annually for damage from summer storms.  

Broken/Cracked Tiles


Tiles are sturdy but when they get hit with large enough hail (generally larger than golf ball sized) they will crack, chip or even implode. Tile requires a specialist like us to evaluate repairs vs full roof replacement

Hail on Wood Shake Shingles

hail on wood shake shingles denver

Wood shingles or shakes get brittle and dry in our Denver climate. A hit by large hail will result often in a split in the shingle making it no longer fully shed water and potentially leak underneath. If this is your kind of roof, have us check it to see if you are owed a replacement.   

Hail on Siding

hail on siding denver

Vinyl siding can end up looking like swiss cheese after a major hail storm. Smaller storms can still cause cracks. Wood siding will chip and splinter, especially at the lab edges. Even the smallest damages can cause bigger issues, so get them checked out. 


Hail Damaged Windows

hail damaged windows denver

Hail damages windows different ways. Screens are the first to show. Vinyl windows can get broken glazing beads, to chips in the frames. Aluminum windows can get dented, and wood windows can be dented, chipped or splintered. Frame damage in any case may mean you are eligible for a new window in an insurance claim. Talk to our window experts today!


gutter damage denver

Chances are if your roof got hail damage then so did your gutters. Vulnerable areas are the top gutter rail, outer wall of the gutter, and  downspouts. One dent in a gutter run means you are eligible for replacement by insurance!