The Hail Claims Insurance Process


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We will help guide you through this process once we have determined your home has received enough damages to warrant a claim. Here are the steps:

1. Your Maxx Roof representative will do a thorough damage inspection on your home. They will check your roof, windows, siding, paint, gutters, garage doors, and personal property for any and all signs of damage. They will document this damage and show you what they have found. If it is sufficient and warrants a hail claim, they will do that for you next.

2. Your representative will call your insurance hail claims department and open a claim for you. This is done over the phone via speaker while you are present. This process simply lets the insurance company know they should send someone to review your damages for possible payment for restoration. Your representative will have you ok a contingency agreement that allows us to talk to the insurance company on your behalf.  

3. Your representative will meet with the insurance adjuster and compare damage assessments. They will negotiate with the adjuster on the payment needed to do the repairs properly. 

4. The adjuster will send you paperwork called a “scope of loss” outlining what they want to pay for and an initial estimate of the costs to do those repairs. They will also include a first check to get the repairs started. 

5. Your Maxx Roof representative will review what the insurance company is offering you. They will then have you ok a work authorization and have you pick colors and shingle type. They will take the work authorization and a copy of the scope of loss back to our office. 

6. Maxx Roof will order your materials and replace your roof within 2 weeks (weather permitting as well as no other unforeseen delays). Your representative will pick up your first check from insurance and your deductible no later than when materials drop. 

7. Maxx Roof will negotiate with the insurance company for final payment of all costs to repair your roof and gutters. 

8. As repairs are completed from the scope of loss, Maxx Roof will invoice for the final depreciation to be released from the insurance company for the work completed at that time.

9. Once you receive that final check, notify your representative and they will come pick up the check and exchange final invoice, lien waiver, and product and service warranties. 




What If I was denied by insurance when they looked at my roof?  If you didn’t have a roofing contractor versed in hail claims present when your adjuster came, it is likely the adjuster will do a minimal inspection and chose to pay the claim short, or not at all. When you have representation, they cannot do that and we hold them to honoring your insurance policy by paying for any and all damages as a result of the storm. If you were previously denied, and we inspect and find that you should have been approved, we will call the insurance company and have them send another adjuster for a re-inspection with us present. 

If my roof isn’t leaking, it should be fine right? If your home was in our near a hailstorm, you should always have it checked. Our hail tracking software can tell you if, when and how big the hail was that hit your home. Leaks don’t always happen right away, or they can be working their way down to your decking. By the time you see it on your ceiling inside, the damage is pretty great. Insurance may not even pay for result because it would be your responsibility to have your roof checked after a storm. Our inspections are FREE, so don’t take the chance!

Won’t my insurance cancel me or raise my rates if I make a claim?  For acts of God insurance companies cannot specifically drop you or raise your rates for filing a claim. They can raise a groups rates, like all their customers in CO. In fact, when storms happen they raise everyone’s rates anyways, so you might as well see if your eligible for a new roof too. Besides, you pay your premiums for protection. Why keep paying them money if you will never file a claim when you need too? Insurance companies LOVE people like that!

Do I have to pay a deductible? Every policy has a deductible. It is the portion you agree to pay of the repairs. Think of it as a co-pay. If you have a $10,000 claim and a $1000 deductible, Insurance will pay $9000 and you are responsible to pay the contractor the remaining $1000. Colorado Law requires you to pay that deductible. But if you cannot pay, we do have programs ad solutions to help you. We never want a deductible to keep people from getting the work done that their home deserves.    

I checked my roof myself, it looks fine. Why should I let you inspect it?  Having routine checks of your roof is good home stewardship. Like having your furnace checked every year, have your roof checked by trained professionals. If it really is in excellent condition, then we will even give you a roof certification. That means we will guarantee the roof to not leak for the next 3 years or we fix it for FREE. Obviously conditions apply, and new storm damages are exempt.

I’ve never been through this before, I’m not sure how to go about a claim? We have you covered! We are specialists in dealing with insurance claims work. We will handle everything, from filing your claim to meeting with adjusters, negotiating settlements, and doing the repairs. The only thing you have to do is pick your new roofs color!