Drone Roof Inspections


The safer, faster, better technology for today's roof inspections

Drone technology has opened up new opportunities, and we at Maxx Roof have implemented this tech with open arms!

Insurance Companies are more and more using drones for damage assessments and adjustments. Using state of the art drones with high definition cameras allows us to cover the roof area more efficiently. If you have a tile roof, you don't want roofers causing more damage as they walk your roof, so using our drone is a much smarter idea! Drone roof inspections are also safer, especially on roofs with steep pitches and 2 story heights. With incredible accuracy we can identify hail hits on your roof, and we can even measure your roof at the same time!    

We offer this service completely FREE of charge to anyone - commercial and residential. Simply schedule a flight time window and we will have our team come out and fly your home. You are welcome to watch and see in real time on the monitor what our drone pilot sees. 

Don't risk a roof inspector falling from your roof or causing more damages (that won't be covered by insurance), get a Free Drone Inspections in Denver and the surrounding metro today!   

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