How To Maintain Your Commercial Roofing System

Commercial Roof Maintenance Is What Is Going To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape For It’s Full Lifespan, So Don’t Skip It!


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Commercial Roof Maintenance

While commercial buildings make for good investments, managing them is not for the fainthearted.

You have to oversee the day-to-day operations, negotiate leases, ensure timely rent payments, market your property, and so on. But, that aside, you also have to handle timely repairs and carry out regular maintenance.

Roofs are part of your building’s protective systems. Unfortunately, they do not come cheap. Once you have chosen a roofing type for your commercial building, you want to maintain it well to stretch its life span.

Over the years, your roof will be exposed to many extremes, including weather fluctuations and even natural disasters. These elements coupled with poor maintenance are one sure way for a roof to age much faster than it should.

Here are some tips to ensure your roof lasts longer and requires fewer repairs over the years. 

commercial roof that just had maintenance done

Carry Out Regular Inspections

Getting a knowledgeable roofer to inspect your roof helps highlight the state of your roof, budding problems, and potential future problems.

Some of the issues that can be flagged include leaks, sagging areas, weak spots, and cracks. Roofers can also inspect possible issues around eaves, joints, vents, and skylights.

An inspector will know what to look for and can address any pain points with you. By resolving these early on, you ensure they do not spiral into full-blown problems that will cost more and take longer to fix.

It’s a good idea to keep maintenance logs. These should indicate when maintenance is done, the company that does it, problems that emerge, and if any repair work is done. This history is not only important in tracking your maintenance costs; it can also come in handy when selling the building.

Always Hire Professionals

Hiring professionals for roofing projects is an important aspect of commercial roof maintenance plans.

This minimizes chances of poor workmanship, which can cause you problems later on. You want all roofing projects to be completed on time and be carried out following the correct procedures and using the correct tools. This goes for additional roofing features and repairs.

It might be tempting to carry out some DIY jobs, what with all the labor costs you will be saving. However, without the proper skillset and tools, you can end up damaging existing structures and causing new damage to your roof.

Ultimately, this will cost you more.

Be Extra Vigilant After Storms And During Winter

Storms and winter often leave people grappling with some property damage. This can either be new damage or worsened old damage from heavy snowfall, wind, rain, hail and more.

This makes after winter and after a big storm a good time to check the state of your roof. Look out for water drops under the roof and check for discolorations on the roof as well. A professional roofer will address anything of concern.

Trim Trees Around The Building

Trees are beautiful, improve air quality, and increase the value of the property they sit on. However, they can be disastrous to your roof.

Trees will drop mounds of leaves on the roof over time. When this happens, moisture gets trapped under the leaves because leaf cover protects it from evaporating as quickly as it should.

Trapped moisture can cause warps, which might cause your roof to start rotting, and eventually leaking.

If you have any trees near your roof, have a tree specialist come and trim them. You should commit to having trees trimmed down regularly and ensure fallen leaves are swept away as soon as they fall on the roof.

Avoid Extra Weight

Most roofing materials and installation techniques are designed to be extremely sturdy and resilient. This is especially the case for commercial roofs. This does not, however, make them indestructible.

An excellent way to keep your roof intact is by refraining from placing any additional undue pressure on it. The roof’s specifics matter as well. For example, if your roof was not built to handle people’s weight, ensure to have it closed off to prevent people from getting on the roof, save that for contractors.

Some types of roofs, like flat roofs, can be reinforced to handle people’s weight, but even then, be sure to find out how much weight it can hold comfortably.

Keep It Clean

Dust and debris will always land on your roof. You also have leaves and tree branches. During storms and winter months, it’s also possible for debris from elsewhere to land on your roof.

A pile of leaves will provide a perfect environment for moisture. Unfortunately, this can cause mold and rot. Rot weakens the roof and will ultimately cause leaks.

Mold is also unhealthy for people and can lower the value of your building.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is drains and gutters. It would be best to maintain these in perfect working condition to efficiently direct water and debris away. Clogged gutters can keep water on the roof, which can turn into a major problem very quickly.

Always take time to clean the roof to eliminate or minimize these risks.

Remove Excess Snowpack

Same as clearing leaves and other debris; snow removal is important for good roof maintenance.

Even though it looks light and fluffy, large amounts of snow can be dense and heavy. Wet snow can pile weight on the roof, causing it to warp or, worse, collapse. Snow removal is especially important in roofs that tend to accumulate snow. Slanted roofs or those with steep slopes don’t tend to be too problematic with snow.

Make Repairs And Replacements Quickly

While repairs will go a long way in keeping your roof in good shape, they can’t eliminate all problems in their entirety. At times, storms, freak accidents, and normal wear and tear will cause some damage to your roof.

Whenever this happens, no matter how minor the damage is, make a point of having it repaired immediately. This prevents the damage from worsening to a point where you have to fix the entire roof. Ignoring small problems can also cause damage to the interior of the building.

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Is Important

Proper and regular maintenance on your commercial roof is a vital part of ensuring the integrity of your roof remains intact. Nobody likes to have to do constant roof repairs or have to replace the roof earlier than normal, so make sure to get your roof maintained on a regular basis. Here are some reasons why commercial roof maintenance is so important.

It Prevents Future Problems

The main reason to carry out roof maintenance is as a preventative measure. Seemingly insignificant issues left unattended can turn into a larger problem two, three, or even six months down the line.

At this point, you can be sure it will cost slightly more to fix and take longer as well. For example, suppose you have a crack in the pipe boot. This is pretty simple and inexpensive to fix however, if you do not catch it early, it can cause a lot of unnecessary damage.

With roof maintenance, you can head off multiple expensive problems.

It Maximizes The Lifespan Of Your Roof

Most roofing types should give you a couple of decades of service. However, this is also dependent on how you treat your roof.

A new asphalt shingle roof, for example, should give you 25 years. With regular maintenance, your roof can give you this and more. The trick is to schedule routine maintenance and fix any roofing problems before they escalate into larger ones.

Roofs are not cheap to buy and install. Maintenance allows you to protect and maximize your investment.

It Gives You Peace Of Mind

Just like a perfectly installed roof gives you peace of mind, so does a well-maintained one.

Regular inspections will give you the exact condition of your roof. The hope is to get a clean bill of health, which helps you breathe easy knowing all is well. Also, if an inspector flags some pain points, you know these have been caught early, and all should be well after they have been resolved.

When a storm hits or winter is near, you also do not have to worry about your roof not being in a condition to withstand the elements.

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Roof maintenance can be tough for many property owners, so don’t hesitate to call us for help. We will notify you of any issues right away and get them fixed for you to ensure you can maximize the lifespan of your roof. If you don’t have proper safety equipment either, don’t try to get on the roof yourself. We have all the necessary equipment to keep our workers safe, so don’t take the risk. 

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